I'm a curious person and an adventurer by nature. I love to explore and learn. I'm a desk jockey by day, so I use travel to fully experience the adventure of life. On my list is figuring out how I can get to climb down a volcano. Until I get that chance, I'm grateful for my close up with a lava flow in Hawaii, which was a pretty amazing experience.

Travel is one of the best ways to have an unforgettable experience, expand your horizons and gain a new perspective. I've found that when I stay in once place too long, I start to think the whole world is like that place. When I travel, it reminds me just how diverse and spectacular the world - and the people in it - can be.

Each type of traveller is different. My favorite type of travel is very active, involving nature, urban exploring and as much adventure as possible!

I created this site because I believe that sharing an experience is what makes it truly amazing and keeps its memory alive.